<吃貨神探之獵獸行動> 電影




A battered young man washes up on a Hong Kong beach after being beaten up on a boat. He can’t remember who he is or what he did, but he soon discovers that he has two significant skills.  He knows a lot about cooking food, including the choice of ingredients and cooking methods. And he’s a skilled and powerful martial artist.  He takes the name “Leon” (from a poster of Leonardo di Caprio in Titanic) and begins working as a delivery boy for a small diner whose chef, the part-time busker Jinpai, he has befriended. But as the diner comes under pressure from protection racketeers associated with the sinister Grand Dynasty Group, Leon and Jinpai find themselves not only battling to save their business but also fighting for their lives.  And all the time, Leon comes closer and closer to recovering his identity …

主演:李敏豪, 祁勃力, 尹光, 李龍基, 陳宇琛, 董敏莉




< Hong Kong Master> Movie



In year 2047 The Eastern Cave – Hong Kong, The Technology of Surveillance, Forensic Investigation and Weapon Automation has enabled Governments to wipe up all crime syndicates.Although they are the most advanced in technologies,1% of the criminals still hides within the dark. Those who escaped began to look for “The True Meaning of Crime”Via old movies they sought to copy the image of “Gu Wak Zai”(Gangster). But people has long since forgotten the real meaning of such, and simply cite them as “righteous samurai”.

Chan Hotung - The Ex-Leader of Gu Wak Zai group “ Dragon of the Four Seas” in Mongkok. After the years he quit and work in the car shop with a Low wages without dignity, somehow, his Old Enemies Kurou has become a ECO of Technology company \\\"EastStar” , Kurou lead a Cyborg soldier “Iron Head” to persecution the old Gu Wak Zai include Hotung and his old brothers.

To defeat a Invincible enemy, Hotung decided find one man to help - The HongKong Master, The legendary man who merges technology and feng shui together. With two magician weapons Quantum Blade and Thunder Cannon from Hong Kong Master, Hotung and his brothers put their lives on defending their homeland and beat those Iron Heads. The Ultimate HongKong Sci Fi battle has begun !

主演:張進翹, 爆胎占, 提子駿, 肥仔釘, 李文揚, 賴水清



<賤民20> TV Series



(X) A failure business man, (Y) a Slut eager for liberation, (Z) A poor Loser

they were fated to meet each other, formed an hater alliance, trying to vent out form a suicide attack in public toilet, no one was survive.But who care is it worth for losers?!

主演: 王宗堯, 吳海昕, 陳炳銓



<三一如三> Viu TV Series



Somewhere in the city, a shop transform itself
three part at once, 3 shop owners, 3 parallel &
intersecting lines and completely loaded with ups and downs Hundreds of life,
someone secrete is our story.

主演: 楊淇, 陳安立 (Brian), 游學修, 楊尚友, 溫碧霞, 李靖筠 (Gladys)